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An Interesting Birthday Gift

For my birthday this year, my mother chose an interesting birthday gift for me. Rather than the standard present or gift of money, she decided to provide five pizza meals from Jets. I was allowed to select the timing of each meal. This gift was a little unusual, but since I like pizza I decided to enjoy it (and I have). Mom was also a beneficiary of this gift because we share meals.

Mom’s birthday is exactly three months after mine. My cousin, who lives two doors down, and I decided that we would give Mom a Sunday dinner at Lelli’s, an upscale restaurant in the area. Mary Jane and I would split the cost of Mom’s meal and pay for our own. After church on the day before Mom’s 99th birthday, we celebrated with this dinner out. My share of that single meal was more than five pizza dinners! It was worth it to see Mom enjoy the meal so much. Both of us had an interesting birthday gift this year!

I admit I was a bit remiss about finding a birthday card for Mom. On her actual birthday, July 17, I went to the local CVS after work to find a meaningful card for her if I could. I was fortunate to find one with text I liked. What is much more interesting, however, is that while browsing through the selection of cards, I found the “purrfect” one for my own birthday three months earlier. This is it:

An Interesting Birthday Card

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My COVID Experience in Verse


A hint of a headache,

Congestion galore;

Just a sinus infection…

Or could it be more?


Just four short days later

Lost taste and lost smell.

Could it be nasty COVID?

I needed to tell.


Results came out clearly:

A positive test!

Not one fever occurring,

But tightness in chest.


A doctor’s e-visit,

Some new meds to take,

And an order to go on

A two-week-long break.


And now that is over,

So I’m back on task,

Thanking God for His mercy.

What more could I ask?

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A Great Independence Day Message

Independence Day messageToday I discovered again that a theme originating in our nation’s history can resonate deeply in me and move me to tears. My pastor, Craig Hurley, preached a great Independence Day message, reminding us that our Founding Fathers recognized not only the importance of prayer but also the source of our “unalienable rights”: our Creator. In addition, Pastor noted that the Founders read specific Bible passages and offered heartfelt prayers in the Continental Congresses. On the other hand, he warned us that nothing will stop the downward trajectory of the United States and its people without true revival.

Scripture–specifically 2 Chronicles 7:14–provides the formula for revival. There God responded to one of Solomon’s prayers by giving three conditional promises to Israel. If Israel met four requirements, God would fulfill the promises. Although God intended them for Solomon and Israel, there is application for us as Christians today. For example, we can learn about what God expects from His people. Further, striving to meet those expectations can give us assurance that He will answer our prayers.

What Is the Formula for Revival?

There are four steps:

  • Humble myself
  • Pray
  • Seek God’s face
  • Turn from my wicked ways (and to God)

If we do these things, God does not have to provide revival. He does, however, promise that He will hear from heaven and forgive our sin. Moreover, we can pray that He will work to heal our land spiritually.

Pastor Hurley concludes his Independence Day message with these thoughts:

The answer to America’s problem…is found in the forgiveness and the work of Jesus Christ in each individual heart. You can’t change the heart of man by changing his environment. Man’s heart has to be changed from the inside, and it begins with God’s forgiveness of sin.

God doesn’t revive lost people; He regenerates them. God revives His own. Do you want to see God rescue America? I do! That will only come when there is a revival among God’s people.

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Paint Your Pet

Last night I tried something new with cousin MJ and sister Melissa: a class at The Community House in Birmingham entitled “Paint Your Pet.” After arriving we each got a canvas with a light pencil sketch of our chosen pet (based on photos we had sent in ahead of time). Our teacher gave us instructions for painting, first the background and then the details. She went from person to person to suggest appropriate techniques for the animal each was attempting to capture on canvas. We really enjoyed ourselves, even though we were not 100% satisfied with the quality of our labors.


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