About Me

There are several things you should know about me before deciding whether to read my blog.


The first thing you should know about me is what I value.

  • Faith: I am a fundamental, Bible-believing, independent Baptist and “young earth” creationist. I take my faith seriously, but I find it also results in a life full of joy.
  • Family: My family is very important to me! What is more, I am a real homebody. I can turn any place I live into a home. Except in rare instances in which I have a strong desire to visit a person or place, I am not fond of travel. Somehow I missed out on the “travel gene” that seems to be present in the other members of my immediate family.
  • Freedom: I value the freedom given to the people of this country by our Founding Fathers. As a result, I favor conservative principles, limited government, and free-market capitalism. I strongly oppose the progressive agenda.
  • Friendship: My close friends are few, but very dear to me. These are the people with whom I can be myself, enjoy deep conversations, and share anything. I love to laugh! Being with friends provides many opportunities for laughter.
  • Felines: I love cats. Six lovely felines reside with me at the moment, and I have been owned by many more over the years. The happy, friendly sounds that kitties make—purrs and chirps and meows—are the inspiration for my nickname: SweetMewsic.
Cat musicians
All we need is mewsic, sweet mewsic; There’ll be mewsic everywhere . . . .



The second thing you should know about me is that I am unable to escape the field of education. After graduating from Kimball High School in Royal Oak, I earned an A.B. in History from Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. When I returned to Michigan, I did my student teaching at Lamphere High School. Immediately after that, I earned two advanced degrees from Wayne State University in Detroit. I completed my Ph.D. in Education at age 25. That was two years after I embarked on my chosen career: teaching.

After leaving that profession, I occupied my time taking classes in several computer programming languages, desktop publishing, and accounting at Macomb Community College. During my time there I met my best friend, Nancy. She remained my friend until her untimely death in December 2018.

Because I did not want to be idle after losing my next job, I took quite a few classes (84 semester hours) at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary over several years.  Many of these were in Biblical Greek and Hebrew.

For a few months I took classes at New Horizons; these provided skills for my new position at Wayne State University. For example, classes in PhotoShop and Excel enhanced my ability to do my job. Now my education continues online at Udemy as I learn more about web design with WordPress (and a bit of accounting as well).

As you might expect, I have also made a lifelong study–up claws and purrsonal–of CATS.


Cat piano
I love cats. I love every kind of cat. I just want to plunk all them, but I can’t, can’t plunk every cat, can’t plunk every cat.



The third thing that you should know about me is that my career path is fairly strange.

Early Work

In my teens, I did the usual babysitting. During the summers before my freshman and sophomore years at college, I worked part-time as a dietary aide at Beaumont Hospital in my hometown. Before junior year, I worked behind the concessions counter at a movie theater in Denver. Finally, while working on advanced degrees at Wayne State University, I was my first statistics professor’s assistant for a time, taught one master’s-level education course at the Warren extension, and tutored a few College of Education students in statistics. I even subbed for my advanced statistics professor once when he had to miss class!


For just over fifteen years I was a secondary (mostly high school) social studies teacher in Fraser, Michigan. Then health problems, exacerbated by a second transfer to the junior high level, caused me to leave that position.

Shortly afterward, I began to teach on Tuesday evenings at Birmingham Bible Institute. The Institute is a very special ministry that my church has had since 1973. Because of my seminary training, I have been teaching Biblical Greek and Hebrew there in recent years.


After about two years, having improved my health somewhat and lost my teacher disability income, I got a full-time job doing computer programming, data entry, and form design at Fisher Corporation. That’s where I met my late husband.


When I was fired from my job at Fisher three years later, I started volunteering at my church, Grace Baptist of Birmingham. I enjoyed assisting my sister, who was Church Secretary. Meanwhile I was taking seminary classes and continuing to teach at BBI.


Because my cousin Mary Jane appreciated my “organizational skills,” she asked me to do the billing and budgeting for her small unit at Wayne State University. As a result, from May 2001 until January 2017, I was employed on a VERY part-time basis as a Professional Technician for Photography @ Wayne State.


In 2004 I also began to work in the office at my church. Initially I was a substitute for my sister during her struggle with lymphoma. Subsequently, I continued to work part-time, doing a variety of needed tasks. Finally, in 2016, I became the full-time bookkeeper, webmaster, and graphic designer. Truly this is the best job for me in the whole world!


Orange cat enjoys sweet mewsic
I wouldn’t know where to start
“Sweet Mewsic” playing “In The Dark”
Be still “My Foolish Heart”
Don’t ruin this on me…


Now that you know a bit more about me, I hope you enjoy my blog. Welcome!