There are several things you should know about me before deciding whether to read my blog. First, I am a fundamental, Bible-believing, independent Baptist. I take my faith seriously. Second, I am a real homebody. I love family and hate travel. Third, I value the freedom given to the people of this country by our Founding Fathers. As a result, I favor conservative principles, limited government, and free markets; and oppose the progressive agenda. Fourth, my close friends are few, but very dear to me. Finally, I love felines. I have nine cats now—plus, until March 2019, one nearly constant visitor—and have been owned by many more over the years. The happy, friendly sounds that kitties make—purrs and chirps and meows—are the inspiration for my nickname: SweetMewsic.

All we need is music, sweet music; There'll be music everywhere....
All we need is mewsic, sweet mewsic; There’ll be mewsic everywhere . . . .



You might say that I am unable to escape the field of education. After graduating from Kimball High School in Royal Oak, I earned an A.B. in History from Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. When I returned to Michigan, I did my student teaching at Lamphere High School. Immediately after that, I earned two advanced degrees from Wayne State University in Detroit. I completed my Ph.D. at age 25. That was two years after I embarked on my chosen career: teaching.

For just over fifteen years I was a secondary social studies teacher in Fraser, Michigan. After leaving that profession, I occupied my time taking computer programming classes at Macomb Community College. I met my best friend, Nancy, there. Then I worked for three years, using my computer programming and data entry skills, until I was fired. That job was where I met my late spouse. Not wanting to be idle, I took quite a few classes at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary for a number of years. As you might expect, I have also made a lifelong study–up claws and purrsonal–of CATS.


I love cats!
I love cats. I love every kind of cat. I just want to plunk all them, but I can’t, can’t plunk every cat, can’t plunk every cat.



From May 2001 until January 2017, I worked on a VERY part-time basis as a Professional Technician for Photography @ Wayne State. In 2004 I also began to work part-time in the office at my church, Grace Baptist of Birmingham. I had been volunteering there since 1994.  I became a full-time employee at the church in 2016. Since September 1988, I have taught classes and/or worked behind the scenes at the Birmingham Bible Institute. The Institute is a very special ministry that my church has had since 1973. For one school year (1988-1989) I was even the Registrar!

Now that you know a bit about me, I hope you enjoy my blog. Welcome!