An Interesting Birthday Gift

For my birthday this year, my mother chose an interesting birthday gift for me. Rather than the standard present or gift of money, she decided to provide five pizza meals from Jets. I was allowed to select the timing of each meal. This gift was a little unusual, but since I like pizza I decided to enjoy it (and I have). Mom was also a beneficiary of this gift because we share meals.

Mom’s birthday is exactly three months after mine. My cousin, who lives two doors down, and I decided that we would give Mom a Sunday dinner at Lelli’s, an upscale restaurant in the area. Mary Jane and I would split the cost of Mom’s meal and pay for our own. After church on the day before Mom’s 99th birthday, we celebrated with this dinner out. My share of that single meal was more than five pizza dinners! It was worth it to see Mom enjoy the meal so much. Both of us had an interesting birthday gift this year!

I admit I was a bit remiss about finding a birthday card for Mom. On her actual birthday, July 17, I went to the local CVS after work to find a meaningful card for her if I could. I was fortunate to find one with text I liked. What is much more interesting, however, is that while browsing through the selection of cards, I found the “purrfect” one for my own birthday three months earlier. This is it:

An Interesting Birthday Card