Technology Crash Day

Today has been both a little too interesting and a little too frustrating. Most of the problems have involved technology and its vast potential for glitches. Among today’s events include:

  • MJ’s equipment did not function properly on a photo shoot.
  • Our home suffered a more-than-four-hour brownout this afternoon (fortunately I was at work during most of it).
  • My work printer refused to print a PDF document from Internet Explorer and Chrome, but did print it from Firefox. Who knows why? Not I.
  • My printer then started making some very strange noises, so MJ and I had to swap it out for another (identical) model.
  • MJ was demonstrating how to use Adobe Photoshop and Bridge CS6 to edit RAW images, and after saving 2 images in JPG format my computer (which had been used by the now-retired staff photographer, Rick) ran out of memory. MJ was counting on my help with editing images for the great number of photo shoots she is doing this month, but my remote access to my computer will not be of value after all.
  • My lengthy attempt to resolve an incomprehensible hold placed on an order I made with Dell ended with the call being cut off (whether by accident or on purpose, I can’t say…but I have my suspicions). I will NEVER order from Dell again. The salesperson lied about several aspects of the order, and trying to resolve the mess is taking hours I would prefer NOT to waste.

I am so grateful to have a God Whom I can trust absolutely and a family I can count on to keep me on the right track.