I Grieve for America

It is Ted Cruz’s defeat in Indiana and subsequent withdrawal from the presidential race that drives me back to writing poetry and posting it online, first on Facebook and now here.

I Grieve for America

I grieve for you, my native land,

Once blessed by God and free,

Our Founders’ vision pure and good

For a land of liberty.


But you, my fellow citizens,

Have turned from what is fine:

Ejected God from public life,

Abandoned His design.


He made them male and female,

Not L, G, B, T, Q;

Ordained a plan for marriage

That did not seem right to you.


You murder babies in the womb

And call it “right to choose”;

Reject equality and life,

Our founding values lose.


This year God gave us one last chance

To choose an upright man

To lead this nation back to truth

And to the Founders’ plan.


Instead you seek an evil one,

Love arrogance and lies,

Exalt the scandal-ridden,

Hope that our system dies.


God clearly has withdrawn from us

The blessing of His grace.

Since we’re no longer “under God,”

He’s turned away His face.


Oh, were there still a place on earth

To which Christians could flee,

With God the center of our lives

And our society!


Repent, America, and turn

Back to our God and Lord;

Restore your founding principles,

Or face the Spirit’s sword.


And as for me, what can I do,

But pray God will restore?

Write in the name of one good man

And then, go pray some more.


© Shawna Fenner, 2016