It wasn’t exactly what I’d envisioned a homecoming to be. I arranged with Dr. L. to pick up Patch the Pirate this evening from Gasow Veterinary Hospital. Patch is not completely well, but there is little more that could be done for her by keeping her caged and angry.

I was not surprised to receive a hefty vet bill for Patch’s eight days in the hospital. In fact, I was expecting a higher total than I actually got. Cats are definitely worth it.

On the way home Patch made not a sound. Perhaps she could not believe she was finally coming home. Since she wasn’t talking, I admired and photographed a lovely rainbow created by the setting sun shining through the raindrops. I am hoping it was an omen that all would be well.

Rainbow on Woodward Avenue for Patch’s Homecoming, April 21, 2015

I lugged the large carrier, which was much larger than Patch needed, down the stairs and into our “living room.” I opened the door, and Patch promptly ran under the bed. I have not seen her since. Happy Homecoming!

P.S. I should note that Patch’s vet, Dr. L., was supposed to be taking this week off work in preparation for moving. Instead, she cared for Patch both Monday and today.