The last ten days have held some interesting surprises, two in particular. The first of the changes concerns Pawscar Awesome, my orange polydactyl, who (at age 7) was adopted in January 2013. He reacted so badly to my efforts to safely introduce him to the other cats that he has lived apart in our kitchen/bathroom area. After some time, he would occasionally come in, check out the food bowls, and leave.

Suddenly, on Sunday afternoon, August 24, while Jim was at work, Pawscar howled to come in. Instead of following his usual pattern, he responded to my attempts at communication and hung around with me for a couple of hours. He leaped into the window that used to be Purrin’Dot’s favorite escape from the vacuum (and had a little trouble jumping down), sat on my computer desk and on my lap, and in general checked things out calmly. Since that day, he has spent time with us nearly every day.

“What changed?” you ask. I have absolutely no idea. I do have a renewed hope that someday he will join the rest of the family full-time.

The second, not so pleasant, surprise, concerns my latest addition to the feline family, Jolie Fille. A day or two after Pawscar’s about-face, she started sitting with her left front paw in the air. At first I chalked it up to a cute mannerism, but when it persisted for three days and was always the same paw I became concerned. I noticed that she was favoring the paw when walking, too. She went to the vet last Thursday evening, and ended up staying for some reparative surgery the next day. I have been visiting her daily (except for Labor Day, when the veterinary hospital was closed), and she seems better. I am told that she will probably be coming home Friday.

Today my sister Melissa and I each took kitties to the vet (her Choo Choo Charley and my Revelly). During the visit, I learned that sisters Jou Jou B and Jolie Fille had come to the vet as candidates for adoption in May 2013. Poor Jou Jou B was there for eight months, and Jolie six months longer. How glad I am that I was able to adopt them both!