Back Again!

It seems like quite a long time since I posted here, but I’m back again. Lots of interesting (and not so interesting) things have been happening in my life.

I Have a New Doctor

I owe some thanks to my former endocrinologist. It was bad enough that he kept prescribing Levoxyl for my hypothyroidism, despite the continued worsening of my symptoms. What was worse was his constant tardiness to our appointments…EVERY TIME! The last time this happened, I walked out and have not been back. Instead, I tried a new doctor; actually I have had my first two appointments with a knowledgeable physician’s assistant. I am now on Nature-Throid, which provides me with some T3 as well as T4. I have dropped many of the supplements I was taking and the antidepressant that was supposed to help me with sleep (but quit a long time ago). I am getting Myers’ IV restorative treatment weekly to boost my absorption of nutrients and taking some different supplements. My adrenal function proved to be on the low side of normal in the morning and on the high side at bedtime, so I am now taking supplements to help balance me. I am feeling somewhat better and am working more hours without ill effect.

I Am Working More Hours

I am amazed that I am able to get up at 7:00 AM many weekday mornings and make it in to work at my church at 9:00. Of course that means earlier bedtimes for this night owl; I surely am ready for “lights out” earlier than I used to be. More important, I wake up with more enthusiasm to face the day ahead. My job has many enjoyable aspects, not the least of which is working with my youngest sister, Melissa. I like what I am doing, and take satisfaction in keeping busy with tasks that will benefit the church in some way. I continue to work with my cousin MJ, the staff photographer at Wayne State University, although I am on campus only one afternoon a month. I do the rest of my job remotely from home. The Wayne State VPN is a wonderful thing!

I Am Taking More Chances

One thing I fear is speaking in public. That sounds strange coming from a teacher, I know. Despite this, I was able to present the minutes I took during our church’s last annual business meeting and subsequent church meetings at this year’s annual meeting without appearing very nervous (so I am told). I also had to give highlights of my report on Birmingham Bible Institute and Grace Bible and Book Store, two ministries of our church. I have also recently rejoined the church choir. This may seem like a small thing–and not too risky–but it could only come about thanks to a certain health improvement that seems to be associated with my new medical regimen, including the Paleo diet that I am (mostly) following now. This past Sunday morning I also sang in a ladies’ sextet (as a substitute) for the service’s special music.

I Am Enjoying Life More

It goes without saying–although I am saying it anyway–that I love spending time with Mom, my sister Melissa, and my feline family.  I still get together with Nancy, my BFF of about 25 years, as often as our busy schedules and conflicting work schedules permit. I am also enjoying my role as webmaster for the Grace Baptist Church and Birmingham Bible Institute websites, as well as my own personal sites. I have found several online WordPress courses I have taken through Udemy very helpful. Designing the fall brochure for BBI was a bit more challenging than usual because of a layout change, but I am happy with the result (and hope it will attract students to the Institute). Life is good!