Another Sick Kitty

Last week it occurred to me that twelve-year-old Revelly might be sick. She had not been eating much, nor had she been wandering around displaying her whacky tail or fighting with Gobblin’ Goopuss. Off she went to the vet on Thursday for an exam, bloodwork, and subcutaneous fluids. The next day the vet called to tell me that Revelly’s potassium level was quite high. Everything else was normal. I learned that if the potassium level increased more, Revelly would develop heart problems.

Back to the vet Revelly went on Saturday for a recheck. The potassium was a tiny bit lower, but still in the “danger zone.” The vet recommended a special blood test to check the steroid levels in Revelly’s blood. When I took Revelly in Tuesday and mentioned that she had not eaten at all that morning, the vet decided she should stay and get some IV fluids (without any potassium, of course) as well as the test.

Until this evening I was quite concerned about Revelly’s condition. She was neither active nor very responsive to me. The techs assured me that she was eating some of the canned food they gave her, which made me feel a bit better. The results of the special blood test will not come back until sometime next week.

Revelly in the Hospital

Today the vet ordered the administration of a dose of steroid, which Revelly got at about 12:30 PM. This evening she seemed much more alert and wanted some attention. She even ate a bit while I was visiting. I am praying that Revelly is now on the road to recovery.